3″ Time Timer – Audible

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years (developmentally).


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An on-off switch gives you the option of hearing “Beep Beep” when the time is up!

Can’t tell time? This innovative teaching aid is designed to make the concept of time tangible and more easily identifiable by helping to solve time perception problems by visually showing elapsed time as the red disk disappears.

The 3″ Time Timer easily travels to all activities throughout the day. Its small size and durable, lightweight construction make it simple to carry for easy accessibility, and a clear protective cover flips open to serve as a stand or to protect the disk and face during operaton. Used as an interactive teaching aid, the Time Timer constantly reinforces the idea or sense of elapsed time in order to help individuals of all age and ability levels learn how to better manage time.

Through high color resolution, the Time Timer visually shows elapsed time, making it possible for the user to visually know the time remaining without the need to focus on, or understand, the hands or numbers on the traditional clock face.

The Time Timer allows the user the chance to know exactly when his/her time is “up” and will provide the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. Use for timed activities (work stations, tests, computer time, homework, traveling), time outs, and time left (to play, get ready, finish eating, clean up, leave – you name it).

How it works:

• To set the timer, move the “hand” counter-clockwise to the desired time interval. (The red disk will diminish as time elapses until no red is visible on the timer face and the hand is at 0.)
• Time will elapse clockwise.
• Timer hand can be set at any point on the timer face from 0-60.
• Timer is always on and need not be switched on or off.
• Timer hand may be manually moved clockwise or counter-clockwise without harming the mechanism. (However, gentle handling will prolong the life of the timer.)
• Quiet, non-disruptive movement.
• Operates on 1-AA battery.