An Interactive Reading Book of Verbs with Who? What? and Where? Questions by Joan Green

Sentences in this engaging 8″x5″ book use action verbs and pronouns while asking and then answering who? what? and where? questions. “Where can she swim?” “She can swim in the pool.”

Actions included: kick, dig, sleep, hide, jump, smell, catch, swim, lick, pop, drink, build.

Interactive Reading Books
encourage speech development, reading skills, fine motor coordination and a variety of other functional skills, all in a fun, interactive way.

Utilizing the power of visual strategies, special needs students of varying levels – as well as beginning readers – learn to associate pictures with words and then create simple sentences visually by attaching (with velcoins) the correct picture cards to the correct squares on each sentence page. Students then re-read (or sign, or communicate) the sentences aloud.

The tactile and sonic nature of moving the picture cards and placing them on the correct squares on each sentence page is, for most students, a highly-enjoyable experience. Activities and directions included.