Asperger Meets Girl


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Happy Endings for Asperger Boys (2008) by Jonathan Griffiths

Men with Asperger Syndrome, young and old, experience difficulty with social interaction, which can be a stumbling block when it comes to getting a girlfriend. Here is a book that demystifies the enigma of ‘relationships’ by explaining everything in Asperger-friendly terms (some of them mathematical, naturally).

Asperger Meets Girl provides hope for all hopeless wooers by offering a choice of three interrelated abstract models for understanding boy-girl relationships. And, to make life easier, these models are presented in graph form where possible.

The book also gives valuable practical tips for maximizing one’s chances of successfully developing a relationship such as:

  • how to start a conversation without scaring the other person off
  • avoiding the inclination to stare
  • understanding the concept of ‘personal space’

Serious, and seriously funny, this book will help bring happy endings to Asperger boys and make them laugh in the process.