Asperger’s: Diagnostic Assessment with Dr. Tony Attwood DVD


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“This is the unmatched, BEST professional presentation I have ever seen in my entire professional career (spanning 38 years after finishing medical school)!” – Pediatrician who attended the taping of this video

Dr. Attwood conducts a live, unrehearsed interview with a child suspected of Asperger’s and then a separate interview with his parents, giving the viewer an in-depth perspective of the entire assessment process. Tony analyzes the diagnosis, pointing out the sensory, speech and motor difficulties, special interests, and social skills challenges. Also included:

• Girls and AS
• Adult diagnosis
• How to explain the diagnosis to the child or adult
• Impact on women of the diagnosis of a family member

The 4-hour DVD and accompanying booklet offer screening questionnaires and a guide to valuable resources for professionals and parents, providing an incredible compendium of diagnostic assessment for Asperger’s.

“I cannot tell you how valuable this was for me and my husband. . . “