CLUB 299™ Autism Cards


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These high-quality, beautifully-designed little cards (3 1/2″ x 5″) are the perfect size to use for thank you cards, note cards, all occasion cards, gift enclosure cards, and more. Each package itself makes a beautiful, meaningful gift. (View larger image to see the puzzle piece on the shirt of the child.) Assortment contains: 6 cards (2 each of all 3 colorways) and envelopes. Cards are blank inside.

About CLUB 299
Named by the father of a young child with autism, the number 299 is the first portion of the diagnostic code assigned to PDD, autism, and Asperger Syndrome in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is used to assess developmental disorders.

CLUB 299™ merchandise is designed to be worn & enjoyed by anyone who supports those on the autism spectrum. Anyone can be a member of the club. There are no registration forms, membership fees, by-laws, or meetings. All that is required is the desire to nudge the world into being a better, more user-friendly place, and to support those on the spectrum to become the best that they can be. Welcome!