Encouraging Appropriate Behavior for Children on the Autism Spectrum


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Frequently Asked Questions (2006) by Shira Richman

Extremely helpful!

Written in an accessible question-and-answer format for easy navigation, this book provides detailed, practical answers to the real questions (i.e. sleeping, dressing, eating, toileting, echolalia, spinning, staring, biting, haircuts, tantrumming, transitioning) asked by parents of children with autism spectrum disorders.

One hundred questions, organized by topic, cover common everyday problems, from advice on what to do if your autistic child routinely runs away when in the supermarket to tips on how to stop him or her from spitting.

Shira Richman outlines succinct behavioral plans to help parents and professionals encourage appropriate behavior and help their child make progress with learning positive behavioral patterns. She also offers advice on how to recognize maladaptive behaviors and explains the reasoning behind taking a proactive approach with children on the autism spectrum.

This book can be read cover to cover or used as a handy quick reference and is invaluable to parents as well as professionals.