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Executive Function “Dysfunction”

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Strategies for Educators and Parents (2014) by Rebecca A. Moyes, MEd

From best- selling author Rebecca Moyes, this concise and accessible guide is an essential resource for understanding and supporting children with executive function difficulties.

This book describes the cognitive processes that make up the executive functions and uses real examples to show how difficulties may manifest – from organizational and time management problems – to lack of attention and behavioral difficulties.

The author offers a wealth of practical hints, tips, and accommodations for tackling these issues, making this book the perfect primer for helping children with executive function difficulties, including those with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder.

“Rebecca has the unique ability to blend her experiences as teacher, advocate, and parent to provide straight forward, sensible examples to assist educators and parents alike. This book breaks down the common roadblocks to organization, offers respectful observations as to why the student struggles and ultimately offers multiple ideas of compassionate alternatives to help the student attain success.” – Mary Limbacher