Fitting In and Having Fun Vol. 2 DVD



Moving On to Middle School

“THE video(s) that we have all been waiting for to teach advanced social skills!” – Mary E. McDonald, PhD, BCBA-D

Students who are not prepared to face the daily challenges of middle school can quickly become overwhelmed. This incredibly helpful DVD (scroll down for preview) will help to prepare children who are entering a mainstream middle school setting as well as assist children who already attend middle school, but are having a difficult time adjusting.

Topics reviewed:

•  Preparing for the first day
•  Getting along
•  Navigating the hallways
•  Making friends
•  Paying attention in class
•  Staying organized
•  Participating in PE class
•  Teasing, Bullying and Meanness
•  Lunchtime in the cafeteria
•  Flirting
•  Getting all your homework done

Best when viewed by an entire class, this 30-minute DVD offers helpful advice for all, stimulates discussions that touch upon the many unwritten rules and routines of middle school, and offers tips on how students can handle the many new and complex situations that commonly arise. Real-life situations are reenacted along with strategies that can be used to improve organizational, academic, and social skills. Included are exclusive “What They’re Thinking” Insight Windows.”