Fitting In and Having Fun Vol. 4 DVD



High School Life: Unspoken Expectations

“THE video(s) that we have all been waiting for to teach advanced social skills!” – Mary E. McDonald, PhD, BCBA-D

For Teens of All Ages – Learn the social-emotional skills needed to improve relationships and foster independence.

Features real life social situations re-enacted by High School students

Highlights strategies to improve social and self-regulation skills

Includes the exclusive “What They’re Thinking” insight windows

Offers a non-threatening way to start a dialogue through “Springboard to Discussion” questions. With guidance from adults, teens learn to identify behaviors that are holding them back and together create a course of action to improve them.

There are many behaviors that high school students are expected to exhibit. Students need to be aware of these implicit expectations in order to make good choices, develop healthy relationships and to become increasingly independent.

When teens are unaware of social taboos or have difficulty regulating their emotions, they can unknowingly exhibit off-putting behaviors that can lead to isolation. This social rejection can have damaging consequences.

Social Situations Reviewed:

•  Showing Empathy
•  Manners Count
•  Dealing with Stress
•  Mixed Messages
•  Sharing Conversations
•  Staying Calm to Problem-Solve
•  Embarrassing Situations
•  Getting Organized
•  Falling Head Over Heels

Bonus Videos: High School Peer Mentors’ Advice to Teens!

“Social skill deficits are some of the hardest to overcome once at the secondary school level. This DVD provides video models that help teach key social skills specific to this age group. I particularly liked the breakdown and modeling of the appropriate behavior, all created with actual high school students making it very real.” – Kristina L. Stevens, M.S. Special Services Coordinator, Fryeburg Academy