How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler



(2016) by Natasha Daniels

Does your toddler get upset when their routine is disrupted? What are the reasons for their refusal to play alone or be separated from you? Why are daily routines such a struggle?

This accessible guide demystifies the difficult behaviors of anxious toddlers, offering tried-and-tested practical solutions to common parenting dilemmas. Each chapter begins with a real life example, clearly illustrating the behavior from the parent’s and the toddler’s perspective. Once the toddler’s anxious behavior has been demystified and explained, new and effective parenting approaches are introduced to help parents tackle everyday difficulties and build up their child’s resilience, independence, and coping mechanisms.

Common difficulties with bath time, toileting, sleep, eating, transitions, social anxiety, separation anxiety, and sensory issues are solved, along with specific fears and phobias, and more extreme behaviors such as skin picking and hair pulling.

A must-read for all parents of anxious toddlers, as well as for the professionals involved in supporting them.


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