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Simple songs that kids can simply sing! (2007) by Rachel Arntson, MS, CCC, SLP & Chez Raginiak

Award Winning! This is a gem!
Children of all ages (infant to elementary age) and abilities will enjoy imitating sounds, words and phrases with these catchy and exciting tunes. Simple and frequent repetition and the cue “your turn” entice children to participate and sing along whether at home, in the classroom, or during therapy sessions.

Set includes:

Imitation Station CD
Vocalocomotion CD
• CD-ROM with picture sheets for each song, lyrics, flashcards, & activity sheets
• 12 page Information Manual loaded with activities and objectives for each song

“Thank you so much for these one-of-a-kind children’s CDs! Your products have encouraged my son to sing and talk more than anything else.” – Michelle, a happy parent

“I can’t tell you how much mileage I’ve gotten from your music. The best part of your songs is the number of verbal responses in each song.” Mona Epstein, MS, CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist

All of the songs feature adults and children singing and speaking together and focus on developing imitation and interaction in children at the beginning stages of communication. The vocabulary is simple and repetitive. The songs contain common sounds, words, and phrases that are used frequently during daily activities.

Research has shown that participating in music activates multiple centers of the brain. Music has a positive effect on vocabulary development, interaction skills, imitation, and phonemic awareness. Some children find it easier to sing than to speak. But perhaps the most important reason for using music to enhance learning is that it moves us emotionally. Children LOVE music. They want to hear the same songs over and over again and, as a result, the repetition has a direct effect on learning.

Songs include:

Express Train (taking turns talking)
Animals (animal sounds)
Puppy, Puppy, Puppy (actions/puppy sounds)
Noisy, Noisy, Noisy (making noises)
Monkey Song (vowels/actions)
Put the Sound on the End (ends of words)
Booga Booga Choo Choo (two-syllable combinations)
The New BMW (B, M, W in syllables)
Tongue Tip Time (T, D, N in syllables)
Bath Time (body parts/bath words)
Put Them On (clothes)
• plus 14 more songs and 5 instrumentals!

Express Train
Puppy, Puppy, Puppy
Monkey Song
Booga Choo Choo
The New BMW
Tongue Tip Time