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Simple songs that kids can simply sing! (2007) Rachel Arntson, CCC,SLP & Chez Raginiak

Award Winning!
Rock and roll favorites and upbeat rhythms make speech and language learning an exciting adventure for children from toddlers to early elementary age. These diverse CDs emphasize a variety of speech and language tasks, including:

• imitating words and phrases
• answering questions
• listening to environmental sounds
• learning beginning letter sounds
• sequencing daily routines
• interacting with others

Children will be rocking and talking with these versatile CDs! Ten of the songs are derived from favorite rock and roll tunes that have been transformed into fun kids’ songs with kid-friendly lyrics. Adults will love these rock and roll tunes, too!

Set includes:

Conversation Station CD
Rocking and Talking CD
• CD-Rom with picture sheets for each song, lyrics, flashcards, & activity sheets
• 12 page Information Manual loaded with activities and objectives for each song

“From the first week of listening to your songs, we noticed our son’s verbal skills improve by leaps and bounds. Even when we are not playing the CDs, we hear our son singing them on his own.” – Denise, a parent

Research has shown that participating in music activates multiple centers of the brain. Music has a positive effect on vocabulary development, interaction skills, imitation, and phonemic awareness. But perhaps the most important reason for using music to enhance learning is that it moves us emotionally. Chidren LOVE music. They want to hear the same songs over and over again and, as a result, the repetition has a direct effect on learning.

Songs include:

Cheese and Macaroni (foods)
Slide (vocabulary)
Bananas (foods)
Brush (concepts of same/different)
Go (vehicles/”Go” imitation)
Round We Go (interaction song)
• I Dressed Myself (clothes/storytelling
I Love (L sound, common objects)
What Happened? (“what” questions)
No Way (yes/no questions
Scrambled Eggs (four-step sequence)
Uh-Oh (vocabulary)
Ball, Ball, Ball (interaction song) based on Rock Around the Clock Tonight
Singing a Song (syllable imitations/actions) based on Land of a Thousand Dances
I Hear (environmental sounds) based on Bad Moon Rising
Ha Ha Hiding (hiding game) based on Don’t You Just Know It
Alphabeat (foods/beginning letter sounds) based on Rockin’ Robin
Help Me Mama (asking for help) based on Help Me Rhonda
What’s That? (common objects) based on Skip to My Lou
Where Did My Shoes Go? (searching game) based on Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
Snowman (two-word phrase imitation) based on Soul Man
Stop at the Door (standing in line) based on Stop in the Name of Love
• plus 2 instrumentals

Round We Go
Cheese and Macaroni
I Love
Scrambled Eggs
I Hear
Help Me Mama
Where Did My Shoes Go?