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Simple songs that kids can simply sing! (2007) by Rachel Arntson, MS, CCC, SLP & Chez Raginiak

Don’t let the title – “DRILLS” – scare you. Children of all ages and abilities LOVE speech and language drills when the tasks are upbeat and exciting! Drills on Wheels 1 and 2 cleverly entice children to practice words and phrases beginning with many specific letter sounds. With bodies moving, mouths singing, and eyes looking at the wonderful visuals (included), children can develop a wide range of speech and language skills as well as learn important precursors to reading.

Set includes:

Drills on Wheels 1 CD
Drills on Wheels 2 CD
• CD-ROM with picture sheets for each song, lyrics, flashcards, & activity sheets
• 12 page Information Manual loaded with activities and objectives for each song

“These are ‘must have’ CDs! . . . “ – Carmen Goetz, MS, CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist

“Every Kids’ Express Train song I have used from these CDs has been a hit. They are engaging and lively and provide excellent home speech and language practice.” – Carol Hanson, MA, CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist

This collection of 25 simple songs packed with imitation practice and sound blending is excellent for any child needing speech practice. The drills focus especially on children with apraxia and/or phonological disorders. Each song emphasizes a particular speech sound and blends those sounds in a variety of ways, including chains of sounds, consonant-vowels, words, and simple phrases. Includes practice of the following sounds: vowels, h, m, w, t, d, n, k, f, s, sh, ch, j, y, and w. The phrase “your turn” is often included to give children cues.

Research has shown that participating in music activates multiple centers of the brain. Music has a positive effect on vocabulary development, interaction skills, imitation, and phonemic awareness. Some children find it easier to sing than to speak. But perhaps the most important reason for using music to enhance learning is that it moves us emotionally. Children LOVE music. They want to hear the same songs over and over again and, as a result, the repetition has a direct effect on learning.

Songs include:

Jump on the Choo Choo (ch, j sounds)
Vowels (vowel combinations)
Happy Birthday Cake and Cookies (k sound)
Ha, Ha, Ha (h sound)
A Monkey, A Moose, A Mouse (m sound)
Wheels (w sound)
Tiny Tony (body parts)
Howls and Hoots (storytelling/animal sounds)
Fish, Sharks, and Shells (f, sh sounds)
Hissing Snake (s sound)
No, No, Nigh, Night (going to bed)
All Done Playing (cleaning up toys)
Bus, Boat, Bike (vehicles)
Fish, Birds, Bunnies (gross motor imitation)
Ride the Horsie (y, w sounds)
Talk and Look (common objects)
I See a Bug (two word phrases/colors)
Let Me Hear You Say (two-syllable words)
In, Out, Up, Down (prepositions)
Shake and Wave (gross motor imitation)
Sounds Make Words (combining sounds)
What’s That? (common objects)
Hippopotamus (storytelling)
• plus 2 instrumentals