Kindergarten and ASD


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(2016) How to Get the Best Possible Experience for Your Child by Margaret Oliver

“Which school should I choose, or should I home school?” “How can I prepare my child for kindergarten?” “What services and support will my child need?” “What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?” 

Answering all of the key questions about the kindergarten experience, this guide will give you the confidence to be the most effective, up-to-speed advocate as your child with ASD enters formal education. Margaret Oliver explains the essentials of how the educational system is structured, how special education laws are applied, and what current educational trends mean for your child. She also gives handy strategies to overcome sensory, behavioral, social, emotional and communication difficulties.

“Kindergarten can be confusing and overwhelming for both parent and child. This guide provides the invaluable information and reassurance needed to facilitate successful integration of children who have an ASD into the foundation year of the educational system. The advice is wise and will be appreciated by all family members as well as kindergarten teachers.” – Tony Attwood, PhD

“Nervous about meeting other families? Concerned about the IEP process? Worried about your child’s academic needs? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need this book! These topics and so many more are covered in depth in this comprehensive guide to the first year of school. This user-friendly text is filled with tips, information, and tools that will help you choose a setting, advocate for support, and build an effective home-school partnership.” – Paula Kluth, PhD



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