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Learning to Get Along Set (15)

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Our most popular social skills books for children!

The Learning to Get Along® series helps children learn, understand, and practice basic social and emotional skills. Real-life situations, lots of diversity, and concrete examples make these read-aloud books appropriate for childcare settings, schools, and the home. Each book focuses on a specific skill and ends with ideas for reinforcing what the children have learned.

Series includes:

• Accept and Value Each Person
• Be Careful and Stay Safe
• Be Honest and Tell the Truth
• Be Polite and Kind
• NEW! Cool Down and Work Through Anger
• Join In and Play
• Know and Follow Rules
• Listen and Learn
• Reach Out and Give
• Respect and Take Care of Things
• Share and Take Turns
• Talk and Work It Out
• Try and Stick with It
• Understand and Care
• When I Feel Afraid