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Liam Wins the Game, Sometimes

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A Story about Losing with Grace (2009) by Jane Whelen Banks 

Learning to play games is fundamental to growing up. Through games a child can learn to organize himself, follow rules, plan strategies, and negotiate while gaining valuable knowledge and skills. Games can also offer a structured social forum that may soothe even the most awkward soul.

With a clear set of instructions, the predictability of games bring comfort to those individuals less adept at navigating free time with others. In addition to observing the guidelines of a specific game, one must also master the rules of conduct surrounding it.

Specifically, one must learn to both win and lose with dignity.

In Liam Wins the Game, Sometimes, Liam challenges his father to a board game. Understandably, as long as Liam wins the game and is receiving accolades, he is able to show good sportsmanship. However, upon losing Liam becomes unraveled. This story captures the hilarity of a sore loser, while offering some acceptable responses to defeat. In the end, Liam does not win the game – however, he takes pride in his decorum.