Small parts. Not for children under 3 years (developmentally).


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Game, Brainteaser and Puzzle All Rolled into One Multi-Award Winner!

You can play solo, competitive or in a  group. Don’t let the seemingly simple spirograph-like pieces fool you. It is harder than you think!

“There’s something inherently fun about plugging a piece into the correct socket. The Pajaggle pieces are nice and thick, and when they fit into place it’s a satisfying feeling. They also look pretty cool. Aside from just being fun to play, Pajaggle is also a great way to work on spatial reasoning. I’ll ask my daughters to try to figure out where a piece goes just by looking at it instead of just shoving it into each socket to see if it fits.

Pajaggle, however is no ordinary puzzle. The board and the pieces are made of a glossy laser-cut acrylic and the shapes remind me of my old Spirograph doodles: flowers and gears and stars. They’re cut very precisely with very little wiggle room. Since many of the shapes are similar, it’s trickier than it may appear at first.” – Bill Witt

Contents include: Pajaggle board with sliding cover, 61 single color insert pieces, Pajiggler, Pajaggle game cards and timer

Play once and you’ll be hooked!



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