The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for Those with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome(2005) by Jed Baker, PhD

This easy-to-follow resource provides a complete toolbox of social skills and the means to attain them so that students may approach their futures with excitement rather than anxiety. Jed Baker tackles a wide variety of issues faced by individuals across the spectrum, such as:

•  perspective-taking
•  nonverbal cues/ body language
•  dealing with anger/ frustration
•  dealing with anxiety
•  conversations
•  building and maintaining friendships
•  dealing with roommates
•  dating
•  school and family demands
•  employment skills
•  money matters
•  preparing for emergencies and
•  transportation

He explains the laws and services that provide assistance, offers a multitude of options and resources, and encourages an emphasis on the students’ assets as tools for meeting social goals.

“It is my philosophy that the skills in this book and others do not represent a model of social correctness. They are, however, ideas of how to behave that may help students reach their own goals. . . The message is, don’t alter the uniqueness that makes you special in so many great ways – just add to what you can do.” – Jed Baker, PhD