Square Up!

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years (developmentally).


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Shake it! Slide it! Match it!

Getting started: Players can temporarily remove the black tile which then allows all of the other tiles to move freely in any pattern that they choose – for free play.

For intermediate play: Shake a colorful cube shaker and replicate its pattern in the inner nine squares on your board by sliding the tiles into matching positions. Close the see-through lid to check your work.

For advanced play with two players:

1. SHAKE your cube to reveal your pattern. Then the race is on!

2. SLIDE the tiles as quickly as you can to replicate the cube pattern in the inner nine squares of your board.

3. Be the first to MATCH the two patterns to win!


  • 2 Slide-Puzzles with 48 Tiles
  • 2 Cube Shakers
  • Instructions



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