Stop & Go Signs


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Dozens of Uses!

Made of sturdy, yet flexible polystyrene, these colorful 3″ x 3″ signs from Eye Box Tools can be used “as is” or modified by adding velcro, a magnet, a tongue depressor – or whatever else might serve your purpose – to the backs.

Suggested uses for STOP sign:

• Attach to doors as a visual cue to STOP
• Place discreetly on desk in front of student exhibiting undesirable behavior as a visual cue to STOP
• Use to cue end of test taking time
• Use to cue end of planned activity
• Use to cue unexpected end of activity (i.e. fire drill)

The GO sign can be used as a cue to start or continue an activity, to inform the user that their body is ready to GO, or in combination with the STOP sign to teach the verbal prompts of STOP and GO.