Successful Social Stories for Young Children



(2016) Growing Up with Social Stories by Dr. Siobhan Timmins; foreword by Carol Gray

This collection of 30 illustrated Social Stories™ developed by the author for use with her son, offers a unique demonstration of the wider value of this strategy. Introductions give context and show how the Stories intertwine to teach broader lessons, while positive Stories for parents and siblings acknowledge how this approach can aid the entire family.


  • What does growing up mean?
  • What is feeling calm?
  • What does calm down mean?
  • How to ask for chill out time
  • I am learning to listen
  • I am learning to wait patiently
  • What are kind words?
  • What is taking turns?
  • I am learning to share toys
  • What is a conversation?
  • How to interrupt a conversation
  • What are good manners?
  • What are table manners?
  • What does ‘excuse me’ mean?
  • Why do I write thank you letters?
  • What is a hand dryer?
  • How to find another favorite food
  • Our plan to discover another favorite food
  • What is my underpants’ job?
  • Where is the best place to put a wrapper?
  • What is poo?
  • I am learning to poo in a toilet
  • What job does my nose do?
  • How to stay safe and comfy in a supermarket
  • Learning to queue at the checkout
  • Why do babies cry?
  • What to do when another child is crying
  • How to stay safe around wasps
  • How do I move safely around a wasp?
  • What are worries?  PLUS
  • A story for parents at L.A.S.T.!
  • A story for siblings

“I confidently leave you in the hands of a physician who became a mum of a boy with autism, and one of the most talented Social Story authors in the world.” – Carol Gray, founder and author of 15 editions of Social Stories


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