The Aspie College, Work & Travel Survival Guide


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(2015) by J.D. Kraus

J.D. Kraus is not allowing Asperger’s to stop him from living his life to the fullest!

Since grade school J.D. knew that he was different. He did not like noisy environments, being touched, and he had difficulty making eye contact and socializing. This book is J.D’s personal testimony that shares the knowledge he gained from his experiences in college, seeking employment and becoming employed, traveling domestically and internationally, and dealing with family and emergency situations.

Some chapters include:

  • To go to college or not?
  • Preparing for college
  • Applications & scholarships
  • The importance of friendships & downtime
  • The final steps for graduation
  • Starting your career
  • The interview
  • Sealing the deal
  • The many facts about traveling
  • and more!


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