The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond


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(2006) by Jed Baker, PhD

Jed Baker’s long-awaited book specifically geared toward older students covers:

•  Making new friends
•  Asking questions in class
•  Saying hello and goodbye
•  Making supportive statements
•  Interrupting a conversation
•  Respecting each other’s space
•  Giving class presentations
•  Doing difficult schoolwork
•  Forbidden topics
•  Working as part of a group
•  Asking someone out on a date
•  Interviewing for a job
•  Asking for help when needed
•  Making mistakes and much, much more!

Photos of actual students engaging in a wide variety of social situations show, rather than tell the right (and wrong) ways to interact in different circumstances. Most significantly, they visually illustrate the positive and negative consequences of both ways of interacting.

Students are encouraged to use photographs of themselves to create a booklet for each skill they learn. (The booklets can later be combined into a “book,” if desired.) This is a creative, exciting way to personalize each skill as it is learned, and has the further advantage of making performance of the skills more concrete. These booklets can also serve as a reference, should skills need to be refreshed in the future.