Tuned in to Learning Vol. 1: Social Skills & Pragmatics Book/CD Set


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(2005) by Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC, Autism Specialist & Jeremy Jensen, MM, MT-BC, Music Therapist

Geared toward ages 3 – 12

Looking for a way to increase interaction during social skills programs, classroom groups, or peer and sibling interaction at home? Volume 1 of the Tuned in to Learning series, is dedicated to critical social and pragmatic skills including:

• eye contact
• turn-taking
• conversation skills
• body language
• emotions
• self-regulation
• imitation

This set includes the Learn-Along book with over 140 full color photographs and instructional guidelines plus an upbeat music CD with 10 songs and 7 adapt-a-song versions. You will find:

• Over 100 pages and more than 140 full color photographs modeling social behavior such as emotions, body language, eye contact, conversation skills, and appropriate classroom behavior. Each photo has been carefully chosen to represent a wide range of ethnic diversity to promote multi-cultural awareness.

• Written social scripts from songs are provided in a large print format for students to read along with and key photographs are enlarged for ease of use in group settings, or to cue nonreaders.

• Checklists for students to use throughout the week.

• Sample educational objectives correspond with each song and are written in an IEP-friendly format.

• A detailed instructional hierarchy, tips for generalization, activity adaptations, ideas for using the Adapt-A-Song versions, and a research bibliography are helpful resources to get you started in using the Tuned in to Learning program.

• Spiral bound format allows instructors to present 1 page at a time for students who have difficulty focusing.

Music CD Song Titles:

1. Getting to Know Someone
2. Expression on My Face
3. Look at Your Neighbor
4. Body Check
5. Compliments
6. Super Student
7. Body Talk
8. Rules of Conversation
9. Pass It Along
10. Follow the Leader

Adapt-a-Song versions:

11. Getting to Know Someone
12. The Expression on My Face
13. Compliments
14. Super Student
15. Body Talk
16. The Rules of Conversation
17. Pass It Along