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Simple raps for stronger speech (2003) by Rachel Arntson, MS, CCC, SLP & Chez Raginiak

Award Winning!
Vocalocomotion raps were created to give children a tool for speech practice that is fun, easy, and exciting.

Recorded with adults and children interacting together, these speech raps encourage taking turns imitating sounds, words, and simple phrases. Frequently heard in most of the raps is the phrase, “Your turn” that gives children the cue to imitate.

Includes: Booga Choo Choo (encourages imitation of consonant-vowels, sounds, and words related to choo choo trains) • Hi (“Hi” is repeated 58 times; contains 32 two-word phrases) • The New BMW (encourages imitation of consonant-vowel structures using b, m, and w) • Tongue Tip Time (t,d,and m sounds) • Let’s Eat (“wh” questions plus final consonants “t” and “m”) • Yee Haw (a country-western style rap) • Bath Time (encourages rhythmic imitation of body parts and other bath time words) and • Instrumental Tracks 8, 9, and 10 (designed for your own creativity and includes list of suggestions).

Booga Choo Choo
The New BMW
Tongue Tip Time

Everywhere I go in our school, I am hearing ‘Baby Blowing Bubbles.’ From classrooms, from the motor room. . . everywhere! Yeah!” – Early Childhood Special Education Social Worker