Gym1 Doorway Swing Set

Gym1 Doorway Swing Set

Having a great quality doorway swing is one of the best pieces of equipment to have. It will keep your child active for hours stimulating and regulating the vestibular system. A perfect accessory for all children, but especially great for sensory seeking children on the autism spectrum.

Benefits of a Doorway Swing

Swinging impacts the child’s ability to process sensory information aiding them in understanding these movements while potentially contributing to any recommended therapies. For children with autism, it can help them calm down, relax, and decrease some of their built up anxiety. In addition to a calming effect, a good doorway swing kit with various attachments can help special needs kids with their coordination and balance further developing their gross motor skills.

Perfect Places To Install Your Doorway Swing

Choose a doorway near a room your child feels more comfortable in except their bedrooms. Once installed the door won’t close unless you remove the doorway swing, so playrooms are typically your best bet here. Be sure to put down some sort of a soft mat on your floor to avoid any unwanted injuries and unleash the fun!

Why Every Parent Should Own A Doorway Swing

As many as 1 in 5 (20%) kids deal with some level of sensory processing issues which can negatively impact their lives. That number skyrockets to 97% with sensory seeking children on the autism spectrum. Therefore it’s more important than ever to make sure the child receives enough stimulation via sensory inputs in order to positively contribute to improved behavior.  Knowing these benefits could significantly de-stress your job and duties as a parent or caregiver.

Doorway Swing Benefits For Autistic Kids

Indoor swings can provide the child with some of the best vestibular simulation for hours while giving you a much deserved break. Also, proper sensory stimulation will more than likely calm your child and potentially lower their need to stim. Here are some ways your child could feel much calmer after using their doorway swing:

  • Hanging upside down
  • Spinning
  • Swinging
  • Stretching
  • Rocking

Harkla Sensory Body Sock

Harkla Sensory Body Sock

Give your child the deep pressure input they need with this sensory body sock by Harkla. A great addition to your sensory room to help your child calm down and ground themselves after a sensory meltdown.

What is a sensory body sock?

How to use a sensory body sock?

Sensory Chew Necklace Set

Sensory Chew Necklace Set

Finally, an affordable set of sensory chew necklace that won’t break the bank. Oftentimes referred to as Chewlry, this set comes complete with 8 necklaces. Yes, eight! It’s perfect for any child or adult with autism and sensory processing disorder.

Made from non-toxic, high strength materials, this chewie is made to last. Enjoy the textured block design for both oral and tactile stimuli. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Sensory Chew Necklaces

What is a sensory chew necklace?

Sensory chew necklaces are accessories that provide oral and tacticle sensory input to children and adults who require it. Often times, it’s used by children and adults who may be on the autistic spectrum and also have sensory processing disorder

How to use a sensory chew necklace?

Chewelry can be worn around the neck and hidden under any shirt. It can be used in public or in private, preferably under supervision to avoid any injuries.

How to make a sensory chew necklace?

While there are many ways to make your own, we prefer your purchase them from a reputable manufacturer instead : )

Harkla Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

Harkla Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

This sensory compression bed sheet provides calming sensory input for children with sensory processing disorder and autism. Similar to a weighted blanket, the sheet comforts through deep pressure regulating your child’s nervous system similar to a hug. May improve bedtime, concentration, and calmness throughout the day. Installation is quick and easy, all that’s required is the removal of your mattress so the sheet may be slipped underneath to wrap around. The sheet fits snuggly around approximately two thirds of the bed leaving plenty of room for feet and arms to stick out if compression on those areas is not desired.

SensaCalm Therapeutic Sensory Weighted Blanket

SensaCalm Therapeutic Sensory Weighted Blanket

A sensory weighted blanket that is made right here in the USA. The team at Sensacalm take pride in what they do and have been providing weighted products to the sensory community for over a decade. Their blankets are constructed with non-toxic, hypo-allergenic fills that are completely machine washable and dryer friendly. This weighted blanket may be extremely helpful for sensory processing disorder, autism, insomnia, anxiety, and other special needs conditions.

Be sure to check SensaCalm’s wide variety of sensory weighted products directly on their website by clicking here.

SensaCalm Weighted Sensory Toy Snuggle Shark

SensaCalm Weighted Sensory Toy Snuggle Shark

A weighted sensory toy is a perfect compliment to any weighted blanket. It can be used to strategically pin point areas of the body where comfort is most needed. This sensory therapy tool is disguised as a toy creating a much needed feeling of normalcy for all parties. It’s completely portable, machine washable, and can be used as a lap pad as well.

Sheldon the Shark is 26×10 but has other friends too! Buy from Amazon or directly from the vendor, the choice is yours, all we know is that you won’t be disappointed.

Harkla Kids Weighted Blanket 5 lbs

Harkla Kids Weighted Blanket 5 lbs

The Harkla 5 pound is a great sensory blanket for any child weighing between 30 – 40 lbs. At 36 x 56 inches, the blanket is super snuggly and perfect for any twin bed. It’s large enough for a bed and small enough to be rolled up and packed away in your sensory backpack for travel portability.

The same blanket also comes in various other weights and sizes to accommodate growth as well as larger beds throughout your lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Harkla Weighted Blanket 

  • Does it come in different colors?

Yes. The Harkla weighted blanket comes in three different colors and a wide variety of sizes and weights. The main colors are blue/green, purple/pink, and a neutral grey.

  • What other weights does it come in?

This weighted blanket is avilable in 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pound options.

Weighted Lap Pad For Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

Weighted Lap Pad For Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

The sensory weighted lap pad from Harkla will help your child stay calm and focused both in class, at the home, and while traveling. Made to last with soft double stitched minky fabric, designed in the USA and with your child in mind.

Not only will the compression of the weights feel comforting but the ample 21×19 inch pad also comes with two different soothing sides. One soft smooth side and the other, a soft blue dotted textured side for additional sensory input.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Harkla Weighted Lap Pad

Is the material flame-retardant?

No. The soft material is not treated with any chemicals for flame retardancy.

Can the weighted lap pad be washed?

Yes. It can be washed on a cold gently cycle and then hung out to dry. The fill consists of weighted pellets and cannot be thrown in the dryer.

How heavy is the lap pad?

The weighted sensory is 5 lbs in total weight.

Harkla Weighted Vest For Autism and Sensory Issues

Harkla Weighted Vest For Autism and Sensory Issues

The Harkla weighted vest comes with three free ebooks that will help in using the product in the appropriate setting. It comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

Small Weighted Vest – Is perfect for children 2-4 years old. Length: 13-14 inches, Width: 21-26 inches.

Medium Weighted Vest – perfect for children 5-9 years old. Length 15-16 inches, Width: 24-30 inches.

Large Weighted Vest- ideal for 10 years and up. Length 18-19 inches. Width 28-34 inches.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Heavy Should The Vest Be?

The weight of the vest should be ideally be 10% of your child’s body weight.

  • Are The Sides Adjustable?

Yes, the sides are adjustable to about 5-6 inches.

  • How Much Weight Does The Vest Come With?

The vests come with 2 lbs of weight. Four 1/4 lb weights and Two 1/2 lb weights. However, extra 2 lb weights are also available for purchase separately. Alternatively, you can always make your own weights as well !

Fluxy Oral Motor Sensory Motor Aid With 3 Textures

Fluxy Oral Motor Sensory Motor Aid With 3 Textures

THE FLUXY is an Oral Motor Tool and Therapy Aid with three unique fruit textures and 3 different diameter legs for maximum sensory feed back.

The Fluxy has a soft comfortable feel yet is durable enough to withstand chewing.

Each leg has a different fruit texture and the design allows one leg to be in the mouth while another is held by the therapist or touched by the user for tactile stimulation.

The legs are just the right length and the leg angle prevents rubbing on the outside of the mouth.