Harkla Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

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This sensory compression bed sheet provides calming sensory input for children with sensory processing disorder and autism. Similar to a weighted blanket, the sheet comforts through deep pressure regulating your child’s nervous system similar to a hug. May improve bedtime, concentration, and calmness throughout the day. Installation is quick and easy, all that’s required is the removal of your mattress so the sheet may be slipped underneath to wrap around. The sheet fits snuggly around approximately two thirds of the bed leaving plenty of room for feet and arms to stick out if compression on those areas is not desired.

Why We Recommend It

  • Made to last with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Good proportion for comfort.
  • Easy to set up onto your mattress.
  • Reinforced stitched soft material.
  • Machine washable and tough.

Our Verdict

This well made sensory compression sheet comes in both twin and full mattress sizes. It’s a perfect addition to a bedroom for those who have issues with blankets or under one sheet. Large enough to cover the entire body, and if desired, small enough to stick your limbs out. ideal for hot sleepers who love the cozy feeling of a hug without the weight of a typical weighted blanket. Stretchy and soft with the right amount of pressure.

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