Sensory Chew Necklace Set

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Finally, an affordable set of sensory chew necklace that won’t break the bank. Oftentimes referred to as Chewlry, this set comes complete with 8 necklaces. Yes, eight! It’s perfect for any child or adult with autism and sensory processing disorder.

Made from non-toxic, high strength materials, this chewie is made to last. Enjoy the textured block design for both oral and tactile stimuli. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Sensory Chew Necklaces

What is a sensory chew necklace?

Sensory chew necklaces are accessories that provide oral and tacticle sensory input to children and adults who require it. Often times, it’s used by children and adults who may be on the autistic spectrum and also have sensory processing disorder

How to use a sensory chew necklace?

Chewelry can be worn around the neck and hidden under any shirt. It can be used in public or in private, preferably under supervision to avoid any injuries.

How to make a sensory chew necklace?

While there are many ways to make your own, we prefer your purchase them from a reputable manufacturer instead : )

Why We Recommend It

  • Comes with 8 chewies. Great Value!
  • 4 different colors.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.
  • Affordable.
  • Protects Teeth From Damage.

Our Verdict

This set of chewies is perfect for any child or adult with autism, sensory processing disorder, or any other condition requiring oral stimulation. The textured block design is perfect for oral and tactile input. The cord attachment contains a breakaway design feature that will pull apart when any tension is applied to it. It’s made from non toxic food grade silicone and free of any BPA, latex, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or other metals. As with any oral stimulation, please supervise the child while it’s in use to avoid any injury.

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