The DNA Ball Is The Best Stress Fidget Toy Ever. Find Out Why.

Kids and Family using DNA Balls

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Stretching and pulling on a DNA Ball is an excellent way to fill your time with an activity that increases your focus and relieves stress without spending much money. Whether you have only one DNA Ball or a pack you share with friends, rest assured this affordable fidget will be the best and most used toy in your entire arsenal of fidgets. So say goodbye to all the anxiety and stress and finally relax!

The Best DNA Stress Ball Fidgets For Your Buck

  1. The Yaya Original Jumbo DNA Ball

    This fidget dna ball measures 9 inches across and is a huge favorite for sensory seeking kids who love tactile play and fun bright colors!

    YoYa Toys The Original Jumbo DNA Ball | Colorful Fidget Squeezing Stress Relief Ball for Adults & Kids | Our Unique Rubber Squishy Toys are Great for Stress, Anxiety, Bad Habits & More
    • THE ORIGINAL DNA BALL: Not one of those stress balls that pop after a couple of days. Now you are given the chance to have something sturdy and durable. And you can keep squeezing it over and over again!
    • SUCH A SATISFYING WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS: This large, colorful sensory fidget toy will be your portable pal to help fight stress, anxiety, bad habits all while boosting focus. Whether it's at home, work, or school, this squishy toy is a game changer to have on hand.
    • WE ONLY USE THE BEST MATERIALS: So you know it’s going to last. Our stress toys for adults and kids are safe and don't have any weird stickiness to them or funky odors like other sensory fidget toy balls. The jumbo ball is filled with vibrant colored water beads that are so fun squeeze!
    • PHENOMENAL GIFT IDEA THAT WILL GET USED: Give this sensory toy to any man, woman, or child as a gift, it’s sure to be a hit. These days everyone is a little stressed out, so why not give them the gift of calm? The fidget toy comes meticulously packaged in a high-end gift box.
    • WHEN YOU ORDER TODAY, THERE’S ZERO RISK: Say goodbye to all that stress and turn that bad mood around with this DNA ball. We guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do or you don’t pay a dime. So with nothing to lose, buy it today to turn that frown upside down!
  2. The Yaya Original DNA Ball Fidget Pack 

    The dna ball pack comes with 3 colorful mini dna balls. Place one in every room or share them with friends. Never be far away from stress relief

  3. Yaya Toys DNA Balls Penguin Stress Pack

    What’s better than 1 squishy penguin? 3 penguins of course !

  4. Yaya Toys DNA Balls Panda Stress Fidget Pack

  5. Yaya Toys Spiky DNA Balls With LED Lights

  6. Yaya Toys Spooky Halloween DNA Balls: Pumpkin, Ghost, and Skull

What’s a DNA Ball?

A DNA Ball is a squishy membrane stress ball filled with small DNA beads used for calming sensory stimulation. The beads and membrane is made out of a squishy non-toxic rubber material so that anyone can play with them without worrying about safety concerns.  

Benefits of Using a DNA Ball

The DNA Ball is used for sensory stimulation to calm, increase focus, relieve stress, and relax the user. The fidget itself is quite durable and doesn’t pop or break very easily during use. It’s large enough to be handled with two hands, yet portable enough to stow away in a coat pocket to take along on long and short-term trips. 

Furthermore, DNA Ball fidgets are excellent accessories for both children and adults with anxiety, adhd, autism, sensory processing disorder, and other special needs.

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