autistic people going stir crazy during a quarantine

Valuable Coping Tips For Individuals With Autism During a Quarantine Lockdown

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The current COVID 19 quarantine lock-down has injected an unprecedented amount of fear, panic, unrest, anxiety, and loneliness to all people across the world, including autistic people. Staying on task everyday was already tough before, but all these new restrictions have created a new world of issues and social rules to follow.

So how does an individual with Autism stay on task in a positive manner during these unprecedented times? These 7 tips below should serve as a good starting point.

1) Keep Up With Daily Routines

Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Doing nothing can create negative feelings of self doubt and sense of purpose. Don’t lose sight of who you are, there are always things you can do and scratch important tasks off your plate. As difficult as it can be, especially during isolation and quarantine as an individual with autism, it’s very important to stay on task and not allow this temporary period of time affect you in a negative way. Right now is the best time to pull out that daily planner and start filling it with crucial To Dos.

2) Read Your Favorite Books

Set time aside to read new information. It helps expand the mind while keeping it focused on things other than the news cycle. Want to read a book but don’t have any ideas? Check out our Autism Books page and let your imagination run wild.

3) Learn a New Skill and Be Creative

Take up a hobby, study something. Find a DIY YouTube video and just follow along. Write a book, a movie, a poem, anything really. Learn an instrument, start a journal, keep your mind active! This is your time and it’s very important to use it wisely.

4) Stay Active With Daily Walks and Exercise

People don’t realize how important exercise is to mental health, especially if you’re autistic. Not only does it make you feel good mentally, but it also boosts self image by completely transforming your body. Whether it’s indoors or out, even 15 minutes can do wonders for the rest of your day. What’s the best time to exercise? We’ll leave that one up to you, but you can never go wrong with doing it first thing in the morning!

5) Find Joy With Funny Videos or Movies

Tune out the news cycle and all the negative things that we’re all being bombarded by 24/7. Give your mind the breathing room it deserves by giving it a much deserved break. If you’re going to be glued to your phone regardless, you mind as well reserve that time to watching something uplifting and funny. It may make you feel better and laugh, and lets face it, both are win win scenarios. Laughing feeds the soul!

6) Stay In Touch With Family and Friends

Don;t forget your friends and family are still there, so make sure to remember to socialize. Use skype, zoom, facetime, or any other video app. You’ll always need the human connection, especially while governmental social distancing guidelines are in full effect. Turn it into a regular event by setting sufficient time aside. But before you get on a call, be sure you’re looking nice, be sure your background and room are clean, look directly in the lens, and most important of all, test your technology!

7) Watch Your Diet

Foods like raw vegetables, juices, and good fats can increase your mental health. Try to make as many healthy choices as possible. It’s perfectly ok to munch on chips once in a while, but try your best and not let bad eating habits take over during these times. Always make the extra effort to incorporate better foods in your diet, your mental health and body will thank you.

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